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“Alternative sports programming for kids with cognitive disabilities”


Family Run Sports Programming for Kids with Learning and Cognitive Disabilities

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Slammers was started in the summer of 2003 by two fathers who loved their kids, loved sports, and were frustrated by the lack of sports programming for kids with cognitive disabilities.   

On traditional teams and in pick up games, kids with cognitive disabilities would typically spend most of their time on the bench.  Kids may also have strong fears and/or modest coordination issues that keep them from participating in a traditional team setting. 

Slammers organize family assisted, basic level sports programs throughout the year for kids in grades 3 through 12.   The kids are coached by parents and other adult volunteers.  Mentors are used as buddies to assist in the games and practices.  An occupational therapist is also consulted.


We are non-profit, and our modest fees cover the cost of our programming.


 To provide a variety of programs that allow full participation, enhance self esteem, and foster peer relationships using a fun recreational approach to learning and skill development.


1.     Foster family run sports programming for tweens and teens with learning and cognitive disabilities

2.   Provide parents and siblings with opportunities to develop the necessary skills to support their tweens and teens and volunteer opportunities to utilize those skills

3.   Provide a positive learning environment for social interactions

4.   Develop social awareness and behaviors for organized sports.

5.  Provide education and social awareness in  your community through recreation and fitness programs.